Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Tennessee Gun Owners Face Challenge as Legislators Propose Stringent Anti-Gun Laws

In Tennessee, gun owners are currently facing a slew of proposed anti-gun laws as the legislative session progresses.

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Nine such proposals are being reviewed in House subcommittees, all of which pose significant challenges to the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens without addressing the root causes of criminal behavior or violent crime.

For instance, HB 2329 aims to repeal Tennessee’s status as a state that allows permitless carry, targeting the provision that permits lawful handgun carrying under § 39–17–1307(g). Additionally, another proposal, HB 1593 introduced by Democratic State Representative Justin Pearson, seeks to enforce comprehensive background checks for all firearm sales within the state, encompassing both private and commercial transactions.

This proposed legislation mandates background checks unless the transaction involves a licensed gun dealer, occurs through a dealer with a receipt, or falls under specific exceptions such as antique firearms, dealer-to-dealer transfers, or transfers to law enforcement or military agencies.

Furthermore, a proposed ban targets a wide array of semi-automatic rifles labeled as “weapons of war” and any magazines with capacities exceeding 10 rounds. HB 1935 categorizes “weapons of war” to include semi-automatic, centerfire rifles with detachable magazines and one of several specific features, such as a protruding pistol grip or a folding stock, among others.

Additional proposals under consideration include HB 1587, which would ban the production of semi-automatic rifles; HB 1589, which seeks to outlaw the manufacture, transfer, or sale of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds; HB 1592, which would criminalize failing to report a lost or stolen firearm within 24 hours; HB 1595, which proposes establishing a committee to examine the effects of gun violence; HB 1954, which would escalate the penalty for transferring a firearm to a minor to a felony; and HB 2336, which aims to prohibit the manufacture and distribution of 80% frames or lowers.

These legislative efforts in Tennessee are causing concern among gun rights advocates, highlighting the ongoing debate over gun control measures and their impact on lawful gun ownership and Second Amendment freedoms.

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