Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Update: Active Shooter Incident in Maine Results in Mass Casualties, Hospital Reports

Androscoggin County Sheriff's Office released two photos of the suspect involved in the active shooting situation in Maine. (Androscoggin County Sheriff's Office)

State police have imposed a shelter-in-place directive in a city located in Maine due to an ongoing active shooter event.

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In a message disseminated via Facebook, the Maine State Police disclosed the occurrence of an active shooter situation in the city of Lewiston, home to approximately 36,000 residents, situated 35 miles to the north of Portland. The Lewiston Police Department has verified the incident, stating that the shooter targeted two establishments in the local area: Schemengees Bar and Grille Restaurant and Sparetime Recreation.

Central Maine Medical Center, a nearby hospital, has reported responding to an event involving multiple casualties and an active shooter. As of 9 p.m., the hospital has withheld specific details regarding the number of individuals affected.

"Central Maine Healthcare is presently in coordination with surrounding hospitals to manage the influx of patients," the medical center stated.

The Androscoggin County Sheriff's Office has released two images of the suspected individual, who is depicted wearing a brown sweatshirt and brandishing a rifle.

At least 16 dead and 50+ injured as reported by CNN

Number of dead climbs to 22, shooter hit 3 locations as reported by Fox News

Authorities from the Lewiston Police Department have now pinpointed Robert R. Card, residing in Bowdoin, Maine, as a potential person of interest related to the shooting incident. Card, known to work as a firearms instructor, has been described by law enforcement as potentially “armed and dangerous.” 

On Wednesday evening, a statement was released through the police department's Facebook page, seeking assistance from the public. The post read: “We are actively seeking Robert Card (DOB: 4/4/1983) for questioning in connection to the mass shooting event at Schemengees Bar and Sparetime Recreation earlier today. Please exercise caution, as Card is believed to be armed and dangerous. Any information regarding his whereabouts should be promptly communicated to law enforcement."

Update: 10/26/2023 9:28am EST

Officials engaged in law enforcement have acknowledged the possibility that Robert Card, who has been pinpointed by Maine authorities as a significant figure in the investigation of Wednesday night’s mass shooting, might be monitoring their activities. As reported by David Spunt of Fox News, citing a well-placed law enforcement official, there is a suspicion that Card might be using a police scanner to keep track of their operations. The Lewiston Police Department named Robert R. Card from Bowdoin, Maine, as a person of interest through a Facebook post on Wednesday night.

A shooting incident in Lewiston, Maine, resulted in the tragic loss of 22 lives, leaving an additional 30 individuals injured. The incident unfolded across two different venues on Wednesday night, according to information provided to Fox News’ Jacqui Heinrich by a source in law enforcement.

Mike Sauschuck, Commissioner of Maine Public Safety, addressed the media in a press conference late Wednesday, opting not to disclose specific details about the number of victims due to the ongoing and unpredictable nature of the situation.

The manhunt for Card involves hundreds of police officers. Information has surfaced revealing that Card works as a firearms instructor and has a background in the military.

Recent developments also highlight Card’s struggles with mental health, as he has reportedly experienced auditory hallucinations and has allegedly expressed intentions to carry out a shooting at a National Guard base in Maine. These details come from a bulletin citing law enforcement sources. Card was also apparently admitted to a mental health facility for a two-week period over the summer.

The FBI has significantly increased its presence at the scene, deploying numerous agents to support local law enforcement efforts. SWAT teams have been activated and are presently on-site.

A vehicle that has attracted the interest of the authorities has been found in Lisbon.

A press conference is scheduled for 10:30 a.m. ET, during which authorities plan to share updates on the ongoing investigation and the circumstances surrounding the mass shooting.

This story will be updated as more details become available.

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  1. When will they realize that gun control creates these scenarios. I hope they realize soon.

  2. The same people who have called the Israelies foolish for not having guns to defend themselves are now going to tell you how you don’t need a gun to defend yourself.

  3. Uh, homie was a nut. Are we surprised it’s mental illness?

  4. With the only research funding into mental health going to pill pushers are we surprised at these outcomes?