Thursday, February 22, 2024

Missouri Lawmaker's Call to Repeal Constitutional Carry Sparks Debate Amid Kansas City Tragedy

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No anti-gun advocate has ever embraced constitutional carry in their state, often citing misleading reasons for its opposition. Despite evidence suggesting constitutional carry does not lead to increased crime rates and may actually decrease them, these critics remain unmoved, especially in places like Missouri, specifically Kansas City.

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Recently, following a devastating shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl celebration, Representative Ashley Aune, a Democrat from Kansas City and a self-proclaimed Second Amendment supporter, has pushed for “commonsense” gun control measures. She proposes reinstating a permit requirement for carrying handguns in public, a move she believes is essential for responsible firearm ownership despite acknowledging the significant resistance her proposal is likely to encounter.

Following the tragic shooting during the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl celebration last week, Representative Ashley Aune, a Democrat from Kansas City, Missouri, has called for the introduction of “commonsense” gun control measures. Aune is advocating for the state of Missouri to implement a requirement that individuals must obtain a permit to carry handguns in public spaces.

Aune, a gun owner who supports the Second Amendment, expressed concern over the current approach to firearm regulation in the state. “I think it’s a dangerous, dangerous way to approach firearms,” Aune remarked. She emphasized the importance of acknowledging the safety and responsibility aspects of firearm ownership.

Aune’s stance as a gun owner does not mitigate her anti-gun position, as evidenced by her 0% NRA rating, contrasting sharply with pro-gun legislators like Kentucky’s Thomas Massie, who boasts a 92% rating.

The incident in Kansas City, involving at least one stolen firearm, highlights the ineffectiveness of such laws against criminals disinclined to follow them. The act of shooting into a crowd due to a disagreement, an illegal action in itself, underscores the folly in believing new regulations would prevent such tragedies.

Implementing more stringent laws would unjustly penalize law-abiding citizens, forcing them through unnecessary obstacles to exercise rights they have long enjoyed without issue. This approach, as proposed by Aune, uses the Kansas City tragedy not as a genuine call for safety but as an opportunity to undermine Missouri’s established gun rights under the guise of reaction.

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