Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Virginia Legislature Passes 'Assault Weapons' Ban, Awaits Governor's Decision


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Despite data suggesting otherwise, many proponents of gun control maintain that so-called assault weapons are frequently chosen by criminals, including those committing mass shootings. This belief has positioned the prohibition of such firearms as a top priority for Democrats across the board.


Following the shift in power within the Virginia legislature, the introduction of a ban on these weapons was anticipated.

The legislation successfully passed, and it is now headed to Governor Glenn Youngkin for his decision to either sign or veto it.

The newly established Democratic lead in the House of Delegates recently approved a measure to outlaw semi-automatic rifles and pistols, progressing it towards a Senate that shares similar views.

However, the bill is expected to encounter resistance from Governor Youngkin, who has criticized such measures as distractions given Virginia’s already stringent gun regulations.

Although Youngkin has not explicitly stated his intention to veto the bill, the consensus among lawmakers and lobbyists leans heavily towards the expectation of a veto. Given the legislature’s narrow division, Democrats likely lack the necessary votes for an override.

Currently, ten states along with Washington, D.C., enforce bans on assault-style firearms.

The decision on House Bill 2 saw a strict party-line vote of 51–49, mirroring the votes on other gun control initiatives, such as the prohibition of plastic firearms capable of evading security scans. 

House Bill 2’s broad definition of “assault weapon” has sparked controversy, classifying any semi-automatic, center-fire rifle or pistol that meets certain criteria related to ammunition capacity, silencer compatibility, or the presence of a folding stock as an assault weapon.

This definition could potentially categorize the majority of handguns on the market as assault weapons, given the availability of magazines exceeding 20 rounds.

Governor Youngkin’s expected veto comes amidst his nuanced stance on gun legislation. While he has not overtly sided with or against gun rights, the proposed ban forces a clearer position.

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Youngkin’s ambivalence towards gun rights implies a potential openness to certain limits, but the broad scope of this bill overshoots what might have been more palatable restrictions.

This situation serves as a reminder to Virginia residents of the significant impact elections can have, emphasizing the importance of maintaining vigilance to prevent such sweeping legislation from becoming law.

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