Thursday, February 15, 2024

Kansas City Shooting Spurs Calls for Gun Control Amid Ongoing Investigations

(AP/Reed Hoffman)

Details remain scarce regarding the Kansas City shooting that resulted in one fatality and over twenty injuries, with little known about the three suspects described by the police chief as “bad actors.” Nonetheless, leading Democrats, including President Joe Biden, are seizing this tragedy as a call to action for Congress to enact stricter gun control measures.


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President Biden has passionately advocated for legislative action to ban “assault weapons,” limit magazine capacity, enhance background checks, and restrict firearm access to those deemed unfit to own them. He characterized the shooting as a profound wound on the American spirit, emphasizing the nation’s understanding of necessary actions but lacking the resolve to implement them.

“It is time to act. That’s where I stand. And I ask the country to stand with me. To make your voice heard in Congress so we finally act to ban assault weapons, to limit high-capacity magazines, strengthen background checks, keep guns out of the hands of those who have no business owning them or handling them,” Biden said.
The president said the shooting at the victory parade “cuts deep in the American soul,” and claimed that “we know what we have to do, we just need the courage to do it.”

Representative Emanuel Cleaver, serving the Kansas City area, has echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the need for tighter gun regulations over prayers, especially after such a joyous occasion was marred by violence. He expressed skepticism about Congress’s willingness to act, given its historical inaction even after incidents involving child victims.

“This is ugly,” Cleaver told The Star. “It was supposed to be one of the happiest days in decades. And then people are running for their lives. I know that if the murder of children didn’t inspire Congress to act, then the murder of football fans won’t get a piece of consideration. So it goes on and on and on. I don’t know what to do.”

The rush to propose solutions before fully understanding the incident’s circumstances highlights a prevailing instinct among gun control advocates to leverage any gun-related violence as a rationale for limiting Second Amendment rights. This approach persists despite the possibility that the individuals involved in the shooting might have already been prohibited from possessing firearms or might have benefited from lenient legal outcomes in the past.

Advocates for gun control argue that restricting lawful gun ownership is the path to increased safety, a stance contested by those who see such measures as ineffective knee-jerk reactions to tragedy. The recent shooting in a highly regulated area like New York City, which already enforces the stringent gun laws Biden advocates for, underscores the limitations of such regulations in preventing criminal misuse of firearms.

The Kansas City shooting tragedy, transforming a celebratory event into a day of mourning, highlights the need to address the root causes of such violence — the individuals responsible — rather than pursuing an illusion of safety through prohibitive legislation that infringes on the right to self-defense.

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