Monday, January 29, 2024

Democratic Felon Lawmaker Advocates for Stricter Gun Control Supported by Criminal Advocates

Re-Elect Tarra Simmons/Facebook

A recent bill proposed in Washington state has sparked controversy by suggesting that a convicted sex offender should be included as a member of the State Sex Offender Policy Board, which is proposed to be renamed as the "Sex Offense Policy Board," according to a report by The Denver Gazette.

House Bill 2177, initiated by Democrat Representative Tarra Simmons, seeks to add a convicted sex offender to the board, a move supported by Alex Mayo of Washington Voices, an organization representing convicted sex offenders. Mayo argues that this would add diverse perspectives to the board, shifting the focus from punishment to healing and prevention.

Representative Simmons, who has a history of felony charges including theft, drug offenses, and firearm possession, and Mayo, labeled as a "returning citizen," have raised concerns regarding their advocacy for this legislation. Critics argue that the idea of reliably rehabilitating sex offenders, especially pedophiles, is unrealistic. A clinical therapist from the Residential Sex Offender Treatment Program at the Oklahoma Department of Corrections has stated the considerable challenges in rehabilitating preferential offenders, often leading to recidivism.

Simmons has previously been involved in efforts to reduce penalties for serious crimes. In 2022, she proposed a bill to lessen the penalties for drive-by shooters, an initiative that was met with significant opposition.

The Post Millennial also reported that Simmons and other Washington Democrats are pushing for legislation that would enable felons, including serial killers, to vote, serve on juries, and run for office while incarcerated. This initiative aligns with the endorsement Simmons received from the “Alliance for Gun Responsibility,” a group advocating for strict gun control measures. Their support for Simmons aligns with a broader agenda to disarm citizens while potentially empowering convicted criminals.


The support for Simmons extends to national and state political figures, including Pete Buttigieg, U.S. Senator Patty Murray, Governor Jay Inslee, and Attorney General Bob Ferguson. Furthermore, the Washington State Fraternal Order of Police's endorsement of Simmons adds to the complexities of this political scenario.

In a related development, Seattle has agreed to a $10 million settlement for a lawsuit alleging excessive force during “Black Lives Matter” protests. This settlement raises questions about the potential impact of Simmons' proposed policies on such civic matters.

This situation poses a significant challenge to traditional Democratic supporters, particularly as these initiatives gain traction within the party's mainstream. The implications of such policies, if implemented, could have far-reaching effects on public safety and civil liberties.

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