Sunday, September 17, 2023

We've Launched the Gun Coyote Forum

Tired of Big Tech Silencing Your Voice on Firearms? Say Goodbye to the Endless Cycle of Engagement Farming!

Ah, Big Tech censorship—the thorn in the side of free speech, especially when it comes to discussions around firearms. Are you also fed up with your opinions getting muffled under the heavy hand of social media algorithms? You're not alone.

The quest for visibility has turned us all into engagement farmers, endlessly churning out content in hopes of a slice of the pie from platforms like X (formerly known as Twitter). But let's face it, are we really being heard, or are we just cogs in the giant wheel of social media engagement?

Don't let your voice be drowned in a sea of likes, shares, and retweets. It's time to break free and truly engage in meaningful conversations. Stay tuned as we delve into ways to bypass the system and make your voice count!

So, are you ready to be heard and not just seen? Let's reclaim the narrative, together.

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