Friday, September 22, 2023

Video Captures Brave Officer Pulling Injured Comrade to Safety Amidst Intense Gunfire

On Wednesday, Louisville Police shared bodycam footage that captured the incident on September 7th where Officer Brandon Haley was shot. He sustained a gunshot wound to his lower torso when shots were fired from a residence close to a traffic stop.

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Authorities speculate that the individuals inside the home, which was laden with firearms and illicit drugs, initiated the shooting in a planned ambush on the officer. A subsequent officer, Colin Billotto, reached the scene within moments and encountered gunfire as well. Demonstrating remarkable valor, Officer Billotto engaged the attackers and managed to pull Haley to a safer location.

Recognizing the immediate threat from the assailants, Billotto moved Haley around half a block away under continuous gunfire before administering preliminary medical assistance. By then, Haley was in a state of shock.

The shared video is quite graphic and showcases the outstanding courage exhibited by the officers under extreme circumstances.

From WDRB, the footage discloses Officer Haley’s critical condition post the shooting in the Chickasaw neighborhood. He sustained severe abdominal injuries on September 7 at 38th and West Kentucky streets as he was pursuing a car. The video reveals Haley falling to the ground as around 15 shots were discharged.

LMPD Deputy Chief Paul Humphrey conveyed in a briefing on Wednesday that the gunfire was initiated from a neighboring house. Officer Billotto, who was also at the scene, retaliated and sought to secure Haley amidst continuous shooting. Billotto, at considerable personal risk, dragged Haley to avoid further gunfire and prepared for potential further engagement from the suspect.

It took several minutes for backup to arrive, and the house believed to be the source of the shots was soon pinpointed. Following an extended confrontation, arrests were made.

Five individuals—Dominique Thompson, Jemond Groves, Quantez Porter, Jacquan Ransom, and Demarco Coney Jr.—are in custody in connection with Haley’s shooting, but none are charged with the actual shooting.

Post the shooting incident, a prolonged standoff ensued at the suspected house. A subsequent search revealed the presence of drugs such as suspected heroin, crystal methamphetamine, possibly fentanyl or cocaine, ecstasy, Xanax, and numerous firearms, with two being reported as stolen.

We extend our heartfelt wishes for Officer Haley’s swift recovery. While his condition is improving, he remains hospitalized. It’s hopeful that the responsible individuals will be accurately identified and will face justice.

Officer Brandon Haley. Courtesy LMPD.

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