Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Overwhelming Number of Similar Comments Back ATF's Proposed Universal Background Check Rule

AmmoLand News, in collaboration with data scientist Wes Scoggin, delved into the public responses regarding the ATF's proposal to redefine the term "gun dealer." This new definition could open the door to extensive background checks, mandating anyone profiting from gun sales to hold a Federal Firearms License (FFL). The ATF attributes its authority for this proposed change to the Bi-partisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA), a bill enacted with support from both major political parties and a cornerstone of President Biden's gun control efforts.

Interestingly, this time around, public commentary seems overwhelmingly tilted towards favoring the proposed changes, with more than 96% of comments supporting it. This contrast sharply with past proposals where the majority of responses were pro-gun.

Upon examining the comments, Scoggin and AmmoLand found that a large portion of them were identical, tracing back to a campaign by Brady United. This organization made it extremely easy for their supporters to comment through an email campaign and a quick-response website plugin, potentially skewing the statistical representation of public sentiment.

The lopsided nature of these comments could be weaponized by the administration in court to suggest broad public support for the change. Even if the judiciary is supposed to maintain an impartial stance, there's a risk that such skewed statistics could influence decisions. This makes it crucial for those opposing the change to also voice their views, as the proposed rule is likely to be enacted irrespective of the final tally of opinions.

Gun Coyote News encourages readers to submit their own comments to the ATF, with the aim of balancing the narrative and countering the orchestrated efforts of anti-gun groups. They offer a template for those who wish to express their opposition, reminding them to rely on factual arguments.

The underlying message is that even if the new rule is likely to be enacted, vocal opposition can remove a significant talking point from the anti-gun lobby, making it harder for them to claim widespread public support for these changes.

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