Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Liberty Safe Under Fire for Providing FBI Access to Customer Safes: Questions Raised Over Security and Privacy

Liberty Safe, a brand often considered the gold standard in the gun safe industry, took to social media platform X (formerly Twitter) on September 5, 2023, to make an unexpected announcement. According to the company's statement, they were approached by the FBI on August 30, 2023, with a search warrant, requesting the access code to an individual's safe. Complying with the legal requirement, Liberty Safe provided the access code to the agency.

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The revelation raises two major concerns. First, it calls into question Liberty Safe's decision to comply with government requests by handing over customer access codes. Second, it exposes the existence of a "backdoor" that the company has to all the safes it produces, a potential security vulnerability that could be exploited.

Many are comparing Liberty Safe's actions to the controversy that enveloped Bud Light, predicting that the safe manufacturer will similarly face stringent—and arguably well-deserved—public criticism.

In light of these developments, Gun Coyote advises potential safe purchasers to reach out to manufacturers to inquire about their policy on code access and record-keeping. The objective is to ensure that your choice of safe won't make you vulnerable to similar risks in the future.

We invite Liberty Safe to answer some important questions for us:

1. Can you confirm that Liberty Safe willingly provided the FBI with the access code to a customer's safe upon presentation of a search warrant?

2. Does Liberty Safe maintain a "backdoor" for all safes sold, allowing the company or third parties with this knowledge to potentially access a customer's safe?

3. If a backdoor does exist, what security measures are in place to ensure this sensitive information is not misused or accessed by unauthorized personnel?

4. What is the company's official policy regarding handing over access codes or enabling law enforcement to access a customer's safe?

5. How do you justify this action to your customer base, who rely on your safes to protect their valuables and privacy?

6. Were customers informed at the point of purchase that their safe could be accessed by Liberty Safe or other entities?

7. Has Liberty Safe cooperated with law enforcement in this manner before, or is this an isolated incident?

8. How do you respond to criticisms that your actions have eroded customer trust in your brand?

9. Will this revelation prompt a change in how Liberty Safe handles customer data and access codes moving forward?

10. How will Liberty Safe address concerns from current and prospective customers who might be reconsidering their purchase in light of this revelation?

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