Saturday, September 30, 2023

Federal Judge Grants Initial Blockade Against Public Carry Prohibitions in Maryland

The Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) disclosed that a U.S. District Court Judge, George L. Russell, III, has instituted a preliminary injunction against the prohibition in Maryland on carrying firearms in areas where alcohol is sold, private properties without the proprietor's approval, and in close proximity to a public demonstration. The details of the ruling in Novotny v. Moore are accessible at

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Judge Russell stated in his order that the other statutes, mentioned by State Defendants, don’t align with SB 1’s limitation on places where alcohol is sold as they don’t place a ‘similar constraint on the right to armed self-defense.’ He elucidated that historical statutes only restrained those under the influence from carrying firearms, in contrast to SB 1 which enforces a blanket ban at alcohol-selling locations.

Cody J. Wisniewski, General Counsel and Vice President of Legal of FPC Action Foundation and counsel for FPC, expressed relief that the court acknowledged Maryland’s erroneous provisions and blocked the enforcement of certain aspects of its law barring peaceable carry permit possessors from bearing arms in numerous state locations. He added, however, that the court didn’t entirely accede to their motion, allowing the enforcement of limitations in certain areas, prompting FPC to contemplate their forthcoming actions.

Supporting FPC in this legal endeavor are Maryland Shall Issue and the Second Amendment Foundation. Individuals wishing to support FPC's endeavors and join their Grassroots Army can register at, and those inclined to support charitable endeavors to reinstate the Second Amendment and other inherent rights can make tax-deductible contributions to the FPC Action Foundation.

The Firearms Policy Coalition, a nonprofit organization, aims to defend constitutional rights and focuses on promoting individual liberty and reinstating freedom, with an emphasis on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and related civil liberties. The FPC team consists of advocates striving to accomplish the organization’s objectives via various avenues including litigation, scholarly publications, legislative, regulatory actions, grassroots activism, education, and outreach.

FPC Law stands as the premier public interest legal team dedicated to Second Amendment litigation and research. The organization is devoted to creating an environment steeped in maximal human liberty, defending constitutional rights, promoting individual liberty, and restoring freedom, encompassing issues like freedom of speech, due process, privacy, and limited government.

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