Thursday, September 28, 2023

Biden's Newly Established Office of Gun Violence: A Channel for Directing Taxpayer Funds to Firearm Prohibition Organizations?


The Biden administration, renowned for its advocacy for gun control, has intensified its endeavors by initiating the Office of Gun Violence Prevention, assigned to be overseen by Vice President Kamala Harris. This establishment purports to work towards diminishing gun violence. However, it seems to be a conduit for engaging gun control proponents and intensifying their narratives and agendas, all at the expense of taxpayers. 

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This venture can be perceived in various lights. Some may view it as merely a promotional gimmick designed to placate the relentless gun control advocates, who are integral supporters of the Biden-Harris administration. Notably, this newly inaugurated office operates without congressional sanction, distinct congressional allocation, or clear and coherent policy-making or enforcement authority. It appears to exist primarily to synchronize the administration's stance on firearms. 

The allocation of this role to Harris is indicative. She, with her notably low approval ratings and a history of inconsequential legislative contributions, seems to be in a precarious position. The administration's media counterparts struggle to project a consistent image of her, oscillating between representing her as a burden and endeavoring to restore her public image. Harris’s responsibilities also encompass managing the southern border's migratory activities, a scenario that continues to deteriorate.

However, undermining the establishment of this office would be imprudent. It marks a significant development in the proliferating gun control framework that involves multiple sectors including media, academia, technology, and more. The executive branch is progressively utilized against firearm proprietors and the firearm industry via harsh regulatory and enforcement strategies. The advent of this dedicated office, managed efficiently, could potentiate a shift in longstanding freedoms and traditions. 

It is unequivocal that Biden intends to allocate substantial portions of the White House budget to engage professional advocates for gun control, thus utilizing public funds. The most conspicuous instance of this was the attempt to nominate David Chipman, a fervent advocate for gun control, as the head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Thankfully, this nomination was thwarted due to extensive opposition.

Furthermore, the deputy directors of the newly formed office include individuals like Robert Wilcox, who has a history of working with groups advocating stringent gun control measures. He has been a proponent of policies like the ban on AR-15 rifles and private firearm transfers. His appointment and the operations of this office are not subject to Senate approval and represent a significant concern for Americans who advocate for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

The best expectation from this newly inaugurated office could be its inefficiency and lack of significant accomplishments, a common occurrence with politically motivated bureaucratic additions. The activities of this office will be meticulously observed, and any significant developments will be promptly reported. The concern remains that this office is another step towards undermining Americans’ Second Amendment rights, all while using taxpayer money.

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