Thursday, August 10, 2023

U.S. Attorney Tries to Muzzle AmmoLand News Reporter


Efforts to Curb Reporting: Assistant U.S. Attorney (AUSA) Laura Cofer Taylor is persistently trying to curb AmmoLand News reporter John Crump's insights on the AutoKeyCard Case.

Demands to Eliminate Essential Documents: A motion has been filed by the U.S. Attorney seeking the annihilation of the Presentence Investigation Report (PSR) linked to the case, which is in Crump & AmmoLand News' possession.

Constitutional Challenges and Resistance: Legal entities and advocacy organizations, including GOA, are supporting Crump. They perceive these moves as violations of First Amendment rights, encroachments on the freedom of the press, and an effort by the government to evade public scrutiny.

AUSA Laura Cofer Taylor appears to be actively seeking to stifle the reporting of AmmoLand News journalist John Crump on the AutoKeyCard Case. Crump's consistent criticism of the ATF/DOJ has been a long-standing irritant for them, resulting in a formal complaint by Taylor to the presiding judge, who subsequently dismissed it.

As of August 2023, the focus has shifted to a legal document known as a Presentence Investigation Report (PSR) connected to the same case. Taylor has requested an official order for the destruction of this document in the possession of journalist Crump.

A PSR is a critical piece in the sentencing process, outlining comprehensive information about the defendant and their criminal activities. This report has become the latest friction point between Taylor and Crump, especially after information was disclosed to Crump by Matthew Hoover (known online as CRS Firearms) about his PSR.

Upon Hoover's suggestion, Crump and Richard Hughes (of the channel FlyingRich) decided to create content highlighting the perceived injustice. The prosecutor's reaction was swift, culminating in a new court filing demanding the cessation of Crump's reporting and the destruction of the PSR documents in his possession.

For AmmoLand News, this is seen as a blatant infringement of constitutional rights and an affront to press freedom. It seems the federal government prefers concealing its behavior rather than upholding the First Amendment.

Contrary to Taylor's expectations, Crump was quick to assemble a formidable legal team to defend his rights to free reporting. Alongside, Gun Owners of America (GOA) pledged to cover all legal costs.

Both Crump and Hughes have expressed strong opposition to Taylor's attempts to silence them and are determined to fight for their First and Second Amendment rights. Their attorneys have argued that Hoover had the right to disclose the information, and Crump had the right to report it.

This situation signifies a pivotal moment in safeguarding the Second Amendment while concurrently defending the First Amendment. It appears to be a scenario anticipated by the Founding Fathers more than two centuries ago, reinforcing the timelessness and significance of the Bill of Rights.

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