Friday, August 25, 2023

Palmetto State Armory Announces Admiral 1911 Series


On Thursday, Palmetto State Armory unveiled a collection of three new 1911 pistols under their "Admiral" line. 

These firearms, all classic full-size Government A1 profiles featuring 5-inch barrels and flat mainspring housing, come in three distinct variations: a 10mm Ultra FS, a more straightforward .45 ACP Standard FS, and a .45 ACP Tactical FS with a rail system. PSA describes these models as an ideal fusion of tradition and modern innovation.

When evaluating the range, one could categorize them as "good, better, and best" in terms of their features and capabilities. 

Although enthusiasts initially speculated about an economical 2011 model when teasers of the Admiral series first appeared, it became evident through discussions on prominent firearm forums that these new additions are essentially rebranded versions of Rock Island Armory models, like the RIA Standard FS, Tactical FS, and Ultra FS. These RIAs, commonly manufactured in the Philippines, are well-regarded for their robustness.

As of this writing the Admiral 1911's are for sale and in stock.

PSA Admiral 1911 .45 ACP Standard Currently Listed $399.99

PSA Admiral 1911 .45 ACP Tactical Currently Listed $499.99

PSA Admiral 1911 10MM Ultra Currently Listed $549.99

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