Saturday, July 29, 2023

Police Chief Abandons Sig Sauer Following Terrifying Accidental Discharge Captured on Video

Montville Police Department

In Montville, Connecticut, the local police department is allocating a substantial amount of money to switch from Sig Sauer handguns to Glock pistols. This decision was made following an unnerving accidental discharge during an arrest on Monday, as reported by the department. Security footage recorded the shocking incident, which displayed the officers' shock when the firearm discharged while still holstered. Although no injuries resulted from the event, Chief Wilfred Blanchette declared on Thursday that the newly-established department would bear the $20,000 expense to swap the Sig Sauer P320s used by its 35 officers. "I am not at ease with our officers carrying these guns," Blanchette stated on Thursday, as quoted by Police1. Sig Sauer has been facing criticism recently for manufacturing firearms that seemingly discharge independently, with a significant number of officers, including the one involved in Monday's event, filing multiple lawsuits against the firearms producer this year.

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