Friday, February 2, 2024

Massachusetts Senate Passes Gun Control Bill Despite Supreme Court Precedents


(AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

With a decisive 37-3 vote, the Massachusetts Senate recently passed their gun control bill, S2572, after nearly eight hours of discussion, despite the overwhelming majority suggesting the outcome was a foregone conclusion. The bill now moves to a conference committee to reconcile differences with a version passed by the House last fall.

Despite the lengthy debate, which saw a mix of opposition and support, the focus now shifts to how the committee will align S2572 with the House's bill. Minority Leader Bruce Tarr, R-1st Essex/Middlesex, criticized the lack of a public hearing for the bill, highlighting concerns over the legislative process. 


Senator Creem defended the bill, stating it aims to balance public safety, Second Amendment rights, and the root causes of gun violence and accidents with a commitment to fairness. Despite her assurances and consultations with legal experts, including the attorney general’s office, to ensure constitutional compliance, the bill has faced criticism from the National Rifle Association and lacks support from pro-gun groups, highlighting a potential disconnect with Second Amendment principles.

The bill includes measures that have raised concerns among gun rights advocates, such as training mandates, purchase limits, and expanded bans on certain firearms, which are seen as restrictive by some, including Attorney General Andrea Campbell. 

As the bill moves forward, it is likely to encounter legal challenges, especially from gun rights organizations prepared to contest the legislation in court. This ongoing battle underscores the tension between legislative efforts to control gun violence and the preservation of gun ownership rights in Massachusetts.

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