Tuesday, October 10, 2023

80 Percent Arms Challenges Supreme Court's Decision on Firearm Kits, Vows to Defend 2nd Amendment Rights


In recent developments concerning the debate on gun rights, 80 Percent Arms—a prominent player in the firearm industry—has issued a statement regarding the Supreme Court's temporary enforcement of the Biden Administration's new regulations on frames and receivers. Their detailed response sheds light on the ongoing struggle between private manufacturers and federal agencies:

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"On October 6th, 2023, the Supreme Court, an institution we hold in the highest regard, cast a shadow on our freedom. They are temporarily halting protections from the District Court and the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, enabling the Biden Administration’s enforcement of the new frame and receivers regulations. Justice Samuel Alito granted the Government a stay on our injunction until October 16th, 5 PM EDT, allowing time for a more detailed court review of our case.


Before the SCOTUS stay, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld our right to sell jigs and receivers, albeit with narrowed protection to only Blackhawk Manufacturing Group (dba 80 percent Arms) and Defense Distributed. The ATF, persistently seeking control, appealed this decision, bringing SCOTUS into play again.

Despite decades of precedent, determination letters, and lawful 80% product sales, the ATF aims to bankrupt our industry, insisting on immediate sales halt and weaving a hysteric narrative of business risk, while ignoring: a) the unlawfulness of their new rule; b) the historical significance of Privately Manufactured Firearms (PMFs); and c) the responsible use by the majority of PMF owners. They insist sales must cease immediately, refusing to allow for an orderly conclusion to the litigation to see who emerges victorious. They are acutely aware that bankrupting companies before the litigation concludes ensures their victory.

At 80 Percent Arms, we stand resilient, committed to providing Americans with firearm-building tools and defending 2nd Amendment rights. This fight is not just about parts; it’s about safeguarding American freedom against the ATF’s attempts to label kits as “firearms” and circumvent Congress and the Gun Control Act. We prepare to take on the ATF in the Supreme Court, confident that, with the rule of law, the court will see through the Government’s deception and rule in our favor.

You can support the fight by purchasing from us or contributing to our legal fund, which fuels our ongoing litigation."

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