Thursday, August 17, 2023

Vice President Harris Advocates for Gun Control Citing Public Health Concerns

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**Misrepresented Data**: Critics argue that Harris has misconstrued data by counting 18 & 19-year-olds to assert that "gun violence" is a primary cause of child fatalities.

**Merging Data**: There's criticism that Harris combines data on suicide and gun violence, while also advocating for a potentially misdirected MSR prohibition.

**Health Crisis vs. Rights**: Designating gun misuse as a "public health issue" is causing unease. Many view Harris' strategies as potential encroachments on the Second Amendment and individual freedoms.

Vice President Kamala Harris posits that gun control falls under the public health umbrella, further fueling apprehensions about gun control initiatives.

The challenge lies in the fact that crime is not a disease. Although some wish to address it as such, criminal actions are behaviors, and there's no scientific solution yet that can deter someone from criminal activities. Despite this, Vice President Harris continues to rely on disputed data, seemingly muddling suicides with unlawful firearm usage, while not addressing the real crime issue adequately.

In a recent event, Vice President Harris emphasized her awareness of gun violence being a predominant cause of child deaths in the U.S. However, there are criticisms against this stance, noting that the data Harris references is skewed by including 18 and 19-year-olds, who are typically regarded as adults.

The portrayal of criminal firearm misuse as a "public health problem" brings about considerable debates. Using a health-centric approach to a criminal justice concern might not lead to effective solutions, as no medical cures for crime exist.

In her statements, Harris seemed to group suicide rates with other gun-related incidents. This merging is seen by some as a deliberate strategy to blur the lines between distinct issues. While firearm-related suicides are indeed concerning, tying them to laws like MSR bans might not be directly relevant.

Harris, drawing from her background as a prosecutor, also touched upon gun manufacturers and their immunity from lawsuits. However, there are counterarguments which suggest that the existing laws are just, preventing baseless lawsuits against firearm manufacturers for third-party misuse.

Finally, despite Harris's proclaimed support for the Second Amendment, critics argue that her policies might infringe upon it. Harris's stance on red flag laws and universal background checks raises questions about their alignment with individual rights and federal regulations.

The recent handling of the COVID-19 situation by the federal government showcases potential overreach when issues are deemed "public health crises." This serves as a cautionary tale for some when such terminology is invoked in different contexts.

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