Friday, August 18, 2023

IRS Agent Fatally Injured Colleague During Phoenix Training Session at Shooting Range

Outside of Phoenix, there's a training center managed by the Federal Bureau of Prisons. A tragic incident occurred there recently when one IRS agent shot a colleague during a training exercise. Those from the IRS Criminal Investigations Division are authorized to carry firearms and were participating in training activities at the federal facility.

The IRS issued this statement:

"An unfortunate event took place involving one of our special agents during a regular training session at the Federal Correctional Institution, Phoenix's shooting range. The injured agent was rushed to HonorHealth Deer Valley Medical Center but succumbed to the injuries shortly after. The situation is currently being investigated, and our primary focus is on supporting the agent's family at this time."

Apart from the Bureau of Prisons, the FBI is also looking into the circumstances surrounding the incident.

The FBI's office in Phoenix is actively probing the incident that led to the death of the IRS special agent at the Phoenix Correctional Institution's shooting range. Although the range is situated within the Bureau of Prisons' property, other law enforcement entities can use it for training due to an inter-agency agreement. The IRS team was present for their routine training that day.

To maintain the investigation's integrity, specific details are being withheld for now. The FBI's findings will be handed over to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the District of Arizona for further examination. The investigation will be exhaustive, ensuring all aspects of the event are covered.

If the findings portray the shooting range or the IRS in a negative light, full details might not be disclosed. It's yet to be determined if the agents involved were among the recent 87,000 recruits under the "Inflation Reduction Act" initiated by the Biden administration.

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