Tuesday, August 22, 2023

How the ATF Misleads the Press in Its Crackdown on Firearm Retailers

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Mainstream media outlets are finally paying attention to concerns about the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) overstepping its constitutional authority in cracking down on gun dealers in the United States. Pro-gun advocates have been raising alarms about this for years.

Publications like the Wall Street Journal and FOX News have recently covered the loss of Federal Firearm Licenses (FFLs) under the Biden administration's intensified regulations. However, the ATF has been adept at manipulating the narrative, downplaying their actions to these media outlets.

ATF's shifting regulations are another concern. In a statement, ATF claims to be upholding the law and holds non-compliant FFLs accountable. However, the agency has subtly redefined what "willful" violations mean, turning simple errors into license-revoking offenses.

Additionally, official ATF data on FFL revocations should be scrutinized. The agency is said to employ intimidation tactics to make targeted gun dealers willingly give up their licenses, thereby skirting formal revocation processes. This raises questions about the accuracy of ATF data on this subject.

The language used by ATF often masks the reality: many of the "laws" that dealers are accused of breaking are actually internally generated ATF regulations. This overreach is predicted to attract eventual legal scrutiny, possibly even from the Supreme Court.

ATF's reluctance to be transparent—avoiding interviews, ignoring information requests, and providing only lawyer-vetted statements—suggests an absence of accountability. This raises concerns about what else the agency might be concealing.

The increasing media attention on the ATF's questionable activities is a positive development. It is crucial for holding this agency accountable, especially as allegations continue to surface about its bending or even breaking the law.

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  1. When will this madness end? It’s unconstitutional at the least.

    1. ATF has been doing this since the "End of covid restrictions," it's just now the general populace is paying attention. I'd like to know the numbers of coerced license surrenders.