Friday, August 18, 2023

Baldwin Case Update: New Findings Potentially Pave Way for Further Charges

The report indicates Baldwin’s claim of not having pulled the trigger was not true. (Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office)

The weapon used by Alec Baldwin in the tragic incident involving filmmaker Halyna Hutchens could only discharge if the trigger was actively engaged. This was the primary finding of a recent forensic examination initiated by the New Mexico State authorities as part of the ongoing investigation into Rust armorer, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, as revealed on Tuesday by People magazine. Based on these findings, there may be potential charges against Baldwin, although earlier accusations were dropped in April.

According to an article in PEOPLE, "The recent forensic analysis indicates that the prop Colt .45 revolver, which unfortunately contained live ammunition, had its trigger pressed 'adequately' leading to the mishap." The report further clarifies:

"Despite Alec Baldwin's consistent claims of not having pressed the trigger, the tests and results presented suggest the opposite. The trigger had to be actively engaged to release the hammer of the prop gun," the report, crafted by experts Lucien Haag and Mike Haag for the State of New Mexico's case against Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, states. "This tragic event was a direct result of the hammer being manually pulled back to its utmost position and subsequently, the trigger being engaged."

CNN further expounds:

"An operational analysis of the gun suggests that if the hammer wasn't entirely pulled back, and if it were to accidentally slip without the trigger being engaged, in-built safety notches should have stopped the firing pin from discharging any bullet. This unfortunate occurrence resulted from the hammer being completely pulled back and the subsequent engagement of the trigger. Another less probable scenario could be the trigger being held back while pulling the hammer, which isn't the usual operation for these single-action revolvers. Such mishandling, however, can lead to the firing of a live round."

Variety highlighted that "Prosecutors have previously noted that should the gun be found to have been operating correctly, Baldwin may face charges once more. 'If the gun is found to have been functioning correctly, legal actions against Mr. Baldwin will be resumed,' as mentioned in a June legal document."

This leads to pertinent questions regarding the potential charges Baldwin may face and whether they would extend beyond manslaughter to include possible criminal negligence. As his legal representatives prepare to address these findings, one overarching question remains: Given Baldwin's insistence that he did not pull the trigger, are these reports insinuating otherwise?

In a comparable situation involving an average individual, without the benefit of elite legal representation or influential connections, would such a person be indicted for obstruction of justice, deception towards law enforcement, or even perjury? Would these charges be more plausible if the individual had compelling reasons to deny the facts presented?

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