Thursday, August 3, 2023

ATF Agent Victim to Armed Robbery on Chicago's Not-So-Magnificent Mile

(AP Photo/LM Otero)

Chicago's escalating crime problem persists, the latest incident involving an early morning robbery of a 33-year-old ATF agent on the once upscale "Magnificent Mile". Now infamous for increasing lawlessness, the region, once a sparkling part of a sophisticated city, has seen a stark transformation.

The ATF agent is one among many victims who fell prey to criminal activities last night, a frequent occurrence in recent times. Such unchecked crime is fueled by the Chicago Police Department’s policy of non-pursuit.

This approach aligns with Mayor Brandon Johnson's belief in empathizing with wrongdoers. In his defense against the skyrocketing crime rate, he stated, "My administration is different." Earlier this year, Chicago citizens had a choice between a mayoral candidate who pledged to address the city's crime woes and one who advocated for criminal justice reform. The city's current situation reflects their decision.

CWB Chicago reports on the ATF agent’s encounter with Chicago's deteriorating safety situation. Late into Wednesday night, groups of armed men in at least two vehicles were reportedly robbing people in the downtown, North, and West regions. 

In the Mag Mile incident, the ATF agent reported that two men emerged from a dark SUV, brandishing handguns, and took his valuables. They discarded his badge before retreating westbound on Delaware.

Whether the robbers also made away with his firearm is uncertain. 

One has to sympathize with the federal law enforcement officer's predicament, even in light of the controversial actions of the BATF. The agency has been accused of unfairly targeting dealers, revoking licenses, and compelling hundreds to surrender their licenses, due to seemingly insignificant paperwork mistakes, during so-called "compliance" checks.

CWB Chicago ends its report with slightly less dismal news, narrating an incident where a stolen car, used in a series of armed robberies, crashed while Illinois State Police troopers were in pursuit. 

Two individuals were apprehended when the Kia SUV crashed into a utility pole. Earlier, Chicago cops had located the vehicle during an active robbery spree, but CPD superiors had commanded officers not to engage. It was ultimately up to the Illinois State Police to capture the criminals after a directive from the Chicago Police leadership not to pursue the armed robbers who had just wrecked their stolen escape vehicle. The city's current dire circumstances can be traced back to these kinds of policy decisions.

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