Tuesday, August 8, 2023

"Advocate for Gun Violence Prevention Arrested on Drug and Firearm Charges in NYC"

Mr. 'Love' aka Michael Rodriguez. Screencap via YouTube by Boch.


The New York City Police Department has recently apprehended another individual advocating for gun violence prevention, named Michael Rodriguez, aged 49. Rodriguez, who is fondly referred to as "Love" within his community, has been implicated in a significant operation involving illegal guns and narcotics. This revelation came after an extensive investigation named 'Operation in Plain Sight'.

Interestingly, Rodriguez was the executive director for an organization known as “Bronx Rises Against Gun Violence.” While publicly advocating for firearm regulations, it is alleged that he was involved in illegal gun sales and drug distribution. Upon his arrest, authorities discovered $165,000 in cash along with jewelry worth $50,000 in his possession.

His activities have garnered attention from international media outlets, including the UK's Daily Mail, which reported:

Screen cap via by Boch

"A prominent advocate for preventing gun violence, Michael Rodriguez, was detained following a two-year investigation called ‘Operation in Plain Sight’. During the arrest in his Yonkers residence on July 26, officials uncovered illicit items, including over a kilo of cocaine, three handguns, and a shotgun. Astonishingly, all this transpired while Rodriguez held the position of executive director at Bronx Rises Against Gun Violence."

Remarkably, just a few days prior to his arrest, Rodriguez spoke positively about his organization's contributions to local news, highlighting an annual event as a celebration of "bringing peace to the community."

The arrest sheds light on the intricate and sometimes contradictory realities of urban gun regulation efforts.

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