Wednesday, July 26, 2023

White House Press Secretary Skillfully Sidesteps Gun Law Question Clearly Aimed at Hunter Biden: 'I Can Anticipate Where This Question Might Be Leading'

It was set to be an eventful day for Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, who has made a name for herself by skillfully dodging questions related to the President's son, Hunter Biden.

With the breakdown of the plea agreement, it was clear that Jean-Pierre would face a barrage of queries, and indeed, the press didn't hold back. Weijia Jiang, a reporter from CBS News, had a clever approach to try and extract a response on Hunter Biden, even though it ultimately proved unsuccessful.

Her strategy was to steer clear of explicitly mentioning Hunter Biden and instead focus on federal gun laws that President Joe Biden had previously supported. Given that this was a White House press briefing, it would be reasonable to expect a response to a question about the President's stance on gun legislation. However, Jean-Pierre was ready for the maneuver:

"Jiang: Throughout his political tenure, President Biden has devoted significant attention to gun reform. In his view, should an individual charged with illegal firearm possession face full legal prosecution?

KJP: I can anticipate where this question might be leading. In relation to the case currently unfolding in Delaware, I must refrain from comment. This is a separate issue that falls under the jurisdiction of the Department of Justice. Regardless of the nature of your question, it pertains to a criminal legal matter, and I must leave it to that process. I cannot comment on it from this platform.

Jiang: During his time as a senator, [Biden] drafted gun legislation... As President, he frequently talks about the necessity of eliminating illegal firearms from our streets. So, when someone illegally possesses a firearm, what does the President believe should be their fate?

KJP: The President's stance has been crystal clear. You just outlined his position, his policies, and the legislation he was able to pass into law. I have to tread lightly here. I'm fully aware of the direction this question is headed in, so I must refer you back to the fact that this is an independent investigation managed by the Department of Justice. They should provide any further clarification as the case progresses."

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