Monday, July 17, 2023

Ware, Massachusetts Police Express Concern Over HD 4420, Labeling it a 'Disastrous' Gun Control Legislation

Ware PD

The Ware Police Department is keen to draw your attention to an important issue: the pending anti-gun legislation, also known as HD 4420, or 'An Act Modernizing Firearms Laws.' We realize that this law under consideration at the state level has caused unease among citizens who deeply respect their Second Amendment rights.

We acknowledge that the right to own firearms forms a significant part of our country's heritage and is a critical element of individual and group protection. As police officers, we pledge to stand by the law and protect our community members' rights.

This proposed legislation contains several questionable proposals that seemingly contradict our Constitution, too many to be detailed here. Of particular note is the proposal to criminalize gun possession in certain so-called "restricted zones," including businesses and private properties, EVEN WHEN THE INDIVIDUAL HAS A LEGAL PERMIT TO CARRY. Surprisingly, even off-duty police officers are not spared from this alarming directive.

It's been established that Gun Free zones have not contributed to reducing crime rates. Instead, they have a tendency to make criminals bold, allowing them to target these areas as they know resistance will likely be limited.

This legislation seems to overlook true criminals. It appears to be geared towards criminalizing law-abiding citizens and adds additional burdens to police forces, hindering their fight against real crime.

We affirm that the public's input and engagement are vital in crafting laws that reflect the various viewpoints and worries of our citizens. As such, we urge you, the residents of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, known for their robust history of fighting oppression, to participate in the democratic process. Speak up, express your thoughts, and take necessary steps to protect your rights.

Here's how you can make a change:
1. Learn: Take the time to familiarize yourself with the specifics of the proposed anti-gun legislation. Study its potential impact and understand how it may affect your rights as a responsible gun owner.
2. Interact with your representatives: Connect with your local, state, and federal representatives to voice your concerns about the bill. Write letters, make phone calls, and ensure they hear your voice.
3. Promote dialogue: Encourage meaningful discussions about gun ownership, focusing on responsible use and the importance of preserving personal freedoms. Engage in respectful conversations with friends, family, and neighbors to enhance understanding and awareness.
4. Stay informed and ready to act: Stay updated about the bill's progress and how it might impact your rights. Keep in touch with local gun rights groups and be ready to act if necessary.

Remember, your active involvement in shaping laws that affect your rights is crucial. Your participation and expression of concerns contribute to the democratic process, helping to ensure that laws are fair, balanced, and respect the rights of responsible citizens.

The Ware Police Department supports respectful and law-abiding public engagement on this issue. We are dedicated to preserving the safety and security of our community while upholding the rights enshrined in our Constitution.

We appreciate your attention and active participation.
— Ware Police Department via Facebook

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