Thursday, July 20, 2023

'Unbelievable Ignorance': Leading Democrat Labels Hunter Biden Merely a 'Wealthy Individual Utilizing his Second Amendment Privileges'


The advocacy group, Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, is openly criticizing Jamie Raskin, an anti-gun Democrat Representative from Maryland, for portraying Hunter Biden as a privileged individual asserting his Second Amendment rights. They assert this as Raskin's explanation for Biden’s gun purchase, while seemingly ignoring his alleged omission of drug use on the federal Form 4473 he completed.

Alan Gottlieb, the Chairman of CCRKBA, expressed his disbelief at Raskin's dismissive response to what he suggests would be a significant illegal activity if it was anyone other than Hunter Biden involved. He argues that it indicates either an appalling attempt at sarcasm or a showcase of profound ignorance.

The son of the current President pleaded guilty to lesser drug charges last month and negotiated a deal on the confessed firearms violation, mandating that he steer clear of trouble for a minimum of two years. Thus, he will maintain his Second Amendment rights, unlike other citizens who would face felony charges, incarceration, and loss of gun rights for providing incorrect information on a Form 4473.

Gottlieb noted that Raskin should acquaint himself with federal gun laws. He points out that wealthy individuals typically don't use drugs prior to gun shopping, nor do they provide false information on a Form 4473 assuming they can avoid consequences. They also don't let their partners dispose of handguns in trash bins near schools, and don't receive preferential treatment from federal prosecutors for firearm offenses unless their surname is Biden and their father is the president.

Gottlieb said the Hunter Biden case sets an unfortunate precedent of double standard justice. He stated that if any other individual received such favorable treatment regarding a gun law violation, Raskin and his Democrat peers would express outrage, and they're aware of this fact. 

"Raskin seems to have an immediate affinity for every gun control law he encounters,” continued Gottlieb, “unless that law threatens to imprison a member of the Biden family. Suddenly, the Representative from Maryland paints the allegations against Hunter Biden as an assault on the Second Amendment. The level of hypocrisy is astounding.”

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