Tuesday, July 18, 2023

SIG SAUER Unveils New ROMEO-X Red Dots, Incorporating ROMEO-M17 Tech


ROMEO-X Pro and Compact red dot sights

Earlier this year at the SHOT event, SIG SAUER revealed the ROMEO-M17 red dot sight. With a gas-purged and enclosed emitter design and a selectable reticle, it's been developed specifically for military use on M17 and M18 service pistols. SIG SAUER considers it the pinnacle of pistol red dot sights.

Not everyone will find the ROMEO-M17 suitable. Initially, its price is high, coming in around $800 retail. It's manufactured in the US, provides 15 brightness levels, including three for night vision, and it's exceptionally robust. It also employs SIG's exclusive SIG-LOC mounting system. Consequently, it doesn't attach from the top, but instead fastens from below, meaning it won't mount on a standard P320 or other pistol models.

SIG SAUER ROMEO-M17 red dot sight

When SIG publicly introduced the ROMEO-M17 in April, they emphasized that this sight is not designed for the P320, but is "specifically engineered to fit U.S. Military Modular Handgun System M17/M18 pistols, M17/M18 Commemorative Special Editions and M17/M18 Surplus pistols with a single hole in the slide to secure the sight plate." They also announced that compatible commercial pistols and slides would be available in the future.

The promising update is, SIG plans to start marketing the ROMEO-M17 as part of an M17 slide/red dot package with the ROMEO-M17 pre-attached later this year. Also, they'll be offering an M17/M18 XCARRY pistol pre-equipped with the M17, expected to retail around $1499.

SIG SAUER ROMEO-M17 red dot sight and M17 slide

By choosing the slide/sight combo, you can install these on the P320 pistol frame and fire control unit you already possess.

The ROMEO-M17, and the extensive development behind it, have also laid the groundwork for a new series of commercially available red dot sights that SIG announced recently. Named ROMEO-X, these come in two sizes: the full-size ROMEO-X Pro and the smaller P365-sized ROMEO-X Compact.

Both ROMEO-X models share the same basic features. They mount from above in a standard way, have an open emitter design, and are constructed using similar parts and technology that go into the ROMEO-M17.

Just like the ROMEO-M17, the ROMEO-X models have side-mounted batteries for a low mount that co-witnesses with standard height sights. The battery life exceeds 20,000 hours of continuous use. The Compact has an MSRP of $409 and the Pro at $459.

ROMEO-X PRO mounted on a P320 pistol

Having had the chance to handle all three models, including a ROMEO-M17 pre-installed on an M17 slide and both ROMEO-X models, the initial impression is quite impressive. All three use aspherical glass lenses, something not commonly seen in other red dot manufacturers. This leads to exceptional clarity from edge to edge. A side-by-side comparison with the standard mangin lenses found in most pistol optics clearly illustrates the difference.

ROMEO-X Compact on a Hellcat pistol
(L) ROMEO-X PRO on a P320, (R) ROMEO-X COMPACT on a Hellcat

Here are the specifications for the two new sights . . .

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