Thursday, July 20, 2023

Rookie Delivery Man in Philadelphia Repels Two Armed Car Thieves, Wounding One

In a recent incident, we turn our attention from the capital of the United States to Philadelphia, on America's prosperous gold coast, where violent criminal acts are at an all-time high, with up to 10 auto thefts recorded in a single weekend. 

Fortunately for Philadelphia residents, Pennsylvania's gun legislation is more accommodating than that in the District, making it less complicated for a typical city resident to legally own a firearm.

A rookie pizza delivery driver made use of these laws and was armed during his first work shift when he was approached by two gun-toting criminals demanding his car keys. As reported by

According to his employer, the culprits had ordered a pizza to an apartment complex on Stenton Avenue, with the intention of robbing the delivery driver.

Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small said, "At a certain point, the 21-year-old delivery guy managed to exit his vehicle and confronted one of the armed culprits. The delivery guy is reported to have fired at least two shots."

One assailant, who had shot and missed the delivery driver, was hit in his rear end and was able to limp about 100 yards before being apprehended by police. His accomplice vanished into the Philadelphia night.

The delivery driver reported to the police that a shootout ensued between him and the assailant who was eventually shot. The driver remained unharmed.

Police are gathering statements from the delivery driver’s brother, who was on a phone call with him throughout the incident.

Authorities speculate that the delivery driver had a valid firearm license. This incident may not sit well with individuals such as Larry Krasner, but upon careful evaluation, it appears to be another successful case of self-defense with a firearm. It is one among the numerous cases occurring in the United States each year. For those who remain vigilant even while walking your dogs, this suggests that a crime was thwarted by an armed civilian protecting himself with a gun.

Although it's uncertain whether the delivery driver will retain his job following his sudden thrust into the spotlight for being armed while working, it's probable that he would be willing to reenter the job market if that's the cost of ensuring his physical integrity.

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