Friday, July 14, 2023

"Red Flag" Laws Don't Save Lives

"Red Flag" Gun Confiscation Orders (GCOs), alternatively termed as Extreme Risk Protection Orders, have been found to be notably ineffective in preventing mass shootings in the public sphere. Research conducted in 2018, using 36 years' worth of data from 13 states, concluded that GCOs did not contribute to the reduction of crime, suicide, homicide, or mass homicide.

Typically, most mass murderers can be classified into two categories: those with no discernable "red flags" hinting at their actions, and those where governmental agencies failed to act appropriately, whether by resorting to ineffective GCOs, not implementing mandatory mental health commitment procedures, or failing to make an actionable arrest.

The shortcomings of GCOs can be demonstrated in several recent, well-known shooting incidents such as:

The 2022 Buffalo, New York shooting: Despite having the country's most robust "red flag" laws, which enable medical professionals to breach patient confidentiality to seize firearms, the future mass murderer was referred for a psychiatric evaluation. The law proved ineffective, the individual was not disarmed, and a year later, he killed 10 people in a grocery store.

The 2021 Boulder, Colorado incident: The future killer had exhibited violent tendencies, including physically assaulting a classmate. An acquaintance noted the shooter's threats of claiming a hate crime if provoked.

The 2021 Indianapolis, Indiana case: Authorities seized the eventual murderer's shotgun without a warrant and neglected to complete the necessary "red flag" gun confiscation documentation, subsequently allowing him to purchase new firearms.

The 2019 Jacksonville, Florida event: Despite the future killer's mother contacting the police "around 20 times," his six instances of involuntary commitment, and his use of "antipsychotic medications," GCOs in both Florida and Maryland failed to disarm him.

The 2018 Parkland, Florida tragedy: Here, the family of the future murderer defended his emotional state to authorities multiple times. The murderer was continually deemed as a "low risk" despite the authorities having enough grounds to arrest him.

Other instances include the 2019 Aurora, Illinois shooting and the 2015 San Bernardino, California incident, among others, where despite the presence of laws and systems in place to prevent such events, the shooters managed to perpetrate their crimes.

On the other hand, there have been high-profile shootings where the shooter exhibited no "red flags." For instance, the 2019 Sebring, Florida shooting, the 2019 El Paso, Texas tragedy, the 2018 Santa Fe, Texas school shooting, and the 2019 Gilroy, California incident, among others.

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