Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Ohio Prohibitionists Relying on Gun Owners' Lack of Knowledge About Issue 1


The Akron Beacon Journal Editorial Board strongly suggests that Issue 1 will heighten the approval requirement to 60 percent, which will make it exceedingly hard, some even argue unachievable, to propose ballot measures. They strongly discourage Issue 1, advising voters to reject giving more authority to opportunistic politicians.

The board consists of two editors and four community members. They firmly believe that August elections are incorrect, possibly even illegal. However, they provide no concrete evidence to support this claim. Their assumption that voter turnout will be low and $20 million will be squandered is not substantiated with data. They fail to elaborate how occasional August elections overload local election boards.

The board believes in the capability of voters to make informed decisions. They say Ohio voters deserve more recognition for their acumen than politicians give. They also emphasize that the majority should always have the upper hand in a democracy, which is clearly stated in the Constitution. Citizens, they insist, should maintain their authority.

The board is quick to warn conservatives of bad policies, while accusing Republicans of lying about their motives. They urge Ohio citizens to vote on key issues like abortion, and express their opposition to one-party rule, regardless of the party in power.

However, the credibility of the board has been previously challenged. In the past, the board was criticized for echoing the biased narratives of mainstream media without critical analysis. This lack of trust means that Ohio gun owners will need to seek information elsewhere to understand the potential implications of Issue 1.

The Buckeye Firearms Association, a grassroots organization, has stepped up to provide factual information and debunk the "4 Big Lies Opponents are Spreading about Ohio Issue 1".

LIE No. 1: Issue 1 is extreme and undemocratic. This claim is not just false, but absurd. Amending a constitution should inherently be challenging — more challenging than amending ordinary laws.

LIE No. 2: Issue 1 eliminates citizen-led ballot initiatives. This is untrue. Issue 1 pertains to the amendment of Ohio's constitution only. It does not influence the ability to propose laws or to repeal existing ones. Citizens will retain the power to directly influence Ohio's laws.

LIE No. 3: Issue 1 benefits wealthy special interest groups. This assertion is preposterous. Issue 1's objective is to prevent such groups from exploiting their financial power to influence Ohio's ballot and amend our constitution to their advantage.

LIE No. 4: Issue 1 puts an end to majority rule and undermines the concept of "one person, one vote". This is not only a falsehood, but a gross misrepresentation. Issue 1 does not interfere with voting rights. All eligible voters will retain their right to vote even if Issue 1 passes, and the vote counting process will remain unchanged.

Critics say the lies surrounding Issue 1 are propagated by Democrats and mainstream media to manipulate changes in the state constitution that will infringe on the rights of citizens as the population they are actively trying to change grows.

Ohio gun owners cannot rely on the media for unbiased reporting. They need to seek information, educate themselves, and share this knowledge with others. The responsibility to motivate everyone within their influence to vote "Yes on Issue 1" lies with them.

Early voting for the August 8 election has already started. In the first week, over 155,000 Ohioans have already voted. This contradicts the Akron Beacon Journal Editorial Board's prediction of less than 10 percent turnout.

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