Tuesday, July 11, 2023

National Association For Gun Rights Issues Travel Advisory For Massachusetts

A prominent firearm rights organization issued a warning to travelers heading to Massachusetts, following a proposition from a Democratic representative for tighter firearm regulations.

The travel alert was issued by the National Association for Gun Rights on Tuesday, expressing concern over what they describe as one of the most stringent firearm laws in the country. 

The association shared in a press statement that they've released a travel caution for firearm owners heading to or within Massachusetts in light of a new 140-page legislative proposal, House Docket 4420. This exhaustive piece of gun control legislation, they say, threatens to outlaw more firearms than any existing law in the United States.

The Boston Globe details that the proposed bill seeks to:

1. Mandate the registration and serialization of gun receivers and barrels.

2. Widen the scope of Massachusetts' "red flag law", adding school administrators, healthcare providers, and employers to the group of individuals who can call for an emergency protective order against firearm owners who may pose a threat to themselves or others.

3. Shut down loopholes that currently allow legal guns to be converted into illicit automatic weapons.

4. For those aged 18-21, the bill plans to exclude shotguns or semiautomatic rifles from the new long-gun permit.

5. Forbid firearms in polling stations, government buildings, schools, and private property unless explicitly permitted by the owner.

6. Impose higher penalties for not reporting lost or stolen firearms.

7. Permit the surrender of illegal firearms anonymously without the risk of prosecution through a revamped firearm surrender program.

8. Demand prospective gun owners to pass a live firearm training and written examination to secure a license.

9. Assign the oversight of firearm dealers to state police instead of local authorities.

The President of the National Association for Gun Rights, Dudley Brown, voiced his dismay over the proposed bill stating, "This is probably the most extensive and damaging bundle of gun control measures I have ever witnessed." 

He further elaborated, "An almost complete gun ban, mandatory registration of every firearm and magazine in the state, and a virtual prohibition on firearms carry are incorporated in the bill. Massachusetts has just claimed the unenviable title of being the most hostile state for gun owners." He warned, "Your firearm rights and your freedom are under significant threat in Massachusetts. If you reside there, you might want to consider relocating. If you're planning a trip there, you may need to rethink."

On the other hand, Democratic Representative Michael Day, the author of the bill, told Boston's FOX affiliate, "Our aim isn't to target or penalize individuals who are properly licensed and can responsibly handle a firearm."

He further explained, "The real objective here is to address those individuals who bypass our legal system through technological advancements and criminal activities."

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Source: Fox News

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