Thursday, July 20, 2023

Lone Wolf Launches 'DAWN 365' Barrels, Tailored for SIG 365 and 365 XL

DAWN Series Barrels from Lone Wolf

After establishing their supremacy in the aftermarket GLOCK pistol territory, Lone Wolf Arms introduces its latest offering, the DAWN 365 Barrels, designed specifically for SIG SAUER P365 and P365 XL pistols. The DAWN 365 barrels promise to augment the shooting experience of SIG pistols. They are meticulously crafted using high-quality 416 stainless steel, and are treated with QPQ for added durability and prolonged performance.

The design of the DAWN 365 also incorporates a hood pocket and profile facets, aiding in reducing the bearing surface which, in turn, expedites cycling. This leads to swift and fluid shooting, making these barrels suitable for everyone, from concealed carry owners prioritizing consistency in critical situations, to competition shooters seeking unparalleled performance and dependability from their weapons.

A noteworthy attribute of these barrels is that they are ready to be dropped into the factory slide, negating the need for any further modifications. This means that shooters can immediately reap the benefits of these barrels, eliminating any need for additional time or financial investment in installation.

For additional information on the novel DAWN 365 Barrels from Lone Wolf Arms, one can visit the Lone Wolf Arms website.

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