Saturday, July 22, 2023

Intruder Missteps: Armed Homeowners Quickly Thwart Burglary Attempt

From Fox News

In an incident reported by Missouri law enforcement, a reported thief armed with a gun was stopped by two armed property owners in McDonald County, who used their own weapons to apprehend the intruder before police could arrive.

On Wednesday, officers from the McDonald County Sheriff's Office attended a scene of a purported break-in at a home located on Buffalo Creek Road near Tiff City, a location close to the Missouri-Oklahoma border. According to the officers, the two residents had both fired at and hit the assumed thief who had shot at them first.

Sheriff Rob Evenson shared details of the incident on Wednesday, stating, "Upon arrival, our deputies were greeted by the homeowners who had returned to discover an intruder in their residence." The sheriff continued, "They entered their property to find the intruder locked in one of the rooms. The thief fired a shot at the homeowners from a pistol, and the homeowners, both equipped with handguns, retaliated, hitting the intruder in each thigh."

Following this, the property owners disarmed the suspected thief, later identified as 62-year-old James F. Garrett from Seneca, and managed to detain him until the arrival of the deputies.

Garrett was subsequently taken to a hospital in Joplin by Freeman Ambulance.

The detectives, after initial investigations, proposed charges of burglary, first-degree assault, and armed criminal action to the McDonald County Prosecutor against Garrett. As of now, no legal action has been initiated against the homeowners.


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