Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Gun Owners, Republicans, & Trump Supporters Face Criticism in Light of Gilgo Beach Murders


Fox News recently reported that the suspected Gilgo Beach serial killer had over 200 guns stored in a vault at his residence in Massapequa, which has raised concerns. According to Suffolk County Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison, the legality and registration of the firearms is being investigated. However, he expressed concerns about anyone possessing such a significant number of weapons.

Nevertheless, it's worth noting that the connection between firearms and the crimes under investigation is not clear. All victims found between December 2010 and May 2011 were reportedly strangled, making the relevance of guns to these murders unclear. The inclusion of this information appears to insinuate that collecting a significant number of firearms might indicate abnormal, dangerous behavior, or possibly suggest an individual as a potential serial killer.

Such implications could suggest that anyone amassing a large firearms collection might pose law enforcement concerns. Alternatively, it could highlight Commissioner Harrison's apparent anti-gun stance and Fox News's changing reporting style, which seems to be gradually aligning with CNN's.

If firearms are relevant to this story, it could be pointed out that the victims, all petite women, were powerless against the alleged attacker. The suspect, Rex Heuermann, is reportedly 6-foot-6 inches tall and weighs 275 pounds. The argument here is that a self-defense weapon could have leveled the playing field during a physical confrontation and possibly prevented the accused attacker from claiming more victims. Notably, New York laws impede the possession of such self-defense weapons.

The developing narrative appears to suggest a certain profiling: individuals who collect guns and are physically larger than average could be considered suspect. It also extends to political affiliations, with National Zero highlighting that the suspected killer is a registered Republican who has professional ties to the Trump Organization.

Such tactics, including derogatory comments about conservatives, reveal an intention to mobilize public anger against those who don't agree with the entire "progressive" agenda. Particularly, there's a noticeable endorsement of Gavin Newsom's proposed "28th Amendment," which aims to significantly limit the Second Amendment. The inclination to associate gun owners with heinous criminals seems to be a strategy used by those advocating for stricter gun controls and the media outlets supporting them.

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