Wednesday, July 12, 2023

First Look At The New Springfield Armory Echelon 9mm


For quite some time, Springfield Armory has been hinting about their latest product. Today, they finally revealed their new Echelon pistol in its entirety. Upon initial observation, the Echelon seems to bear resemblance to the design of Glock handguns, but it is indeed a brand-new creation and not an imitation of Glock's models.

The Echelon is equipped with a detachable stainless steel structure, known as the Central Operating Group (COG), which is the serialized part of the handgun. This is akin to the design of the SIG P320. The COG, responsible for a clean 4.5-5.0-lb trigger pull, is nestled in a swappable polymer grip module. The grip modules are available in various sizes and each Echelon is packaged with three diverse size backstraps to allow for customization according to the user's preference.

The slide of the Echelon is textured meticulously, offering a sturdy grip and enhancing the overall aesthetics. The base model is fitted with day/night sights that perform exceptionally well. An intriguing feature of the Echelon is its optics mounting mechanism known as the Variable Interface System (VIS). The slide is designed for direct mounting of nearly all varieties of red dot optics available in the market. It features several sets of screw holes and comes with pin sets that interact with the optic's base. The steel magazines are designed specifically for the Echelon model. The flat magazines have a capacity of 17 rounds, and each standard pistol comes with one 17-round flat magazine and an extended magazine that can hold up to 20 rounds.

This firearm is available at starting at $599.99 at the time of this article. Click Here To Buy

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