Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Everytown Aims at Firearm Sellers, Unveils Searchable Directory of Federal Firearm Licensees

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Once again, we find ourselves in a familiar situation. Merely four years past Vice President Joe Biden's assertion that "gun manufacturers are our adversaries," advocates of gun control persistently strive to convince the American populace that violent crime is the byproduct of reputable businesses selling a product protected by the constitution, all under stringent governmental oversight.

Continuing their relentless, and often unlawful, crusade of vexatious lawsuits, Everytown now enhances their gambit with a new investigative initiative called "Inside the Gun Shop." Far from providing insight into the extensively regulated firearm sector in the U.S, their aim seems to be to tarnish and publicly expose the businesses that enable the Second Amendment's realization.

Through their report, Everytown insinuates that the primary cause of gun-related violence in America is the unprincipled production and sale of firearms by businesses driven by greed and lacking adequate supervision. This dual vilification of guns and the business sector is undoubtedly tailored to appeal to their left-leaning followers, who often attribute the country's problems equally to guns and capitalism.

Interestingly, it is worth noting that Everytown's primary financier is the billionaire business magnate Michael Bloomberg, a man who accumulated his wealth by supplying technological and informational services to Wall Street, thereby facilitating its supposed financial profiteering. As CNN once observed, "[Bloomberg’s] innovations are a prerequisite for Wall Street as we know it today."

Democrat presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

Undoubtedly, Bloomberg would concur that both economic theory and empirical evidence suggest that increasing the cost of an item reduces its demand. This understanding underlies the anti-gun movement's enduring strategy of advocating for layering excessive regulations and requirements on the firearm industry in an attempt to inflate the prices of its products.

This tactic aims to eventually render firearms prohibitively expensive for consumers, pricing many potential buyers out of the market. Consistent with this strategy, "Inside the Gun Shop" endorses practices that would significantly increase the cost of obtaining an FFL, and also introduces mandatory security, inventory, and personnel standards. These measures would render the manufacture and sale of firearms financially untenable for many, and the subsequent cost increase would make them unaffordable for their customers.

The report takes a further step by offering a searchable map of licensed gun vendors, including filters to distinguish between residential and commercial license holders. This feature allows those opposed to guns to identify their targets for criticism and direct their complaints to local authorities.

Although the report itself acknowledges that the majority of these businesses operate from private homes and contribute to a small fraction of the total gun sales in America, it highlights them on a searchable website, thereby making them targets for both biased gun control advocates and potential burglars, who may be enticed by the prospect of a private home filled with new guns. This actually undermines public safety, contrary to the purported objectives of the report.

Such tactics reflect the ruthlessness and absolutist nature of modern gun control advocacy, where the end justifies any means.

There is a straightforward rebuttal to the allegations made in the report: focus on the criminals, not the law-abiding citizens.

Addressing gun violence by targeting the legal supply chain misdirects blame and imposes burdens on honest individuals while handing an advantage to armed criminals who operate outside the law's confines. This approach is not surprising from Everytown, known for its critique of law enforcement. 

The "Inside the Gun Shop" initiative provides a glimpse into the distorted logic of gun control advocates, and its underlying assumptions and recommendations should be dismissed.

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