Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Carjacker Wounded, Accomplice Flees After Targeting Armed Resident in Washington, DC



Living or working in the U.S. capital and hoping to fully utilize your Second Amendment rights can prove to be an arduous task, given the complicated concealed carry permit process in the District. It involves submitting an application, permitting the city to check your mental health records, and proving that you've completed a minimum of 16 hours of firearm training and an additional two hours of training at a shooting range.

Overall, you can expect to shell out between $500 and $1000 to complete the process. After that, you can anticipate a wait period of six to twelve months before the city responds to your application. In the meanwhile, like many other cities, the nation's capital has seen a sharp rise in violent crimes, including 485 carjackings in 2022 alone, a massive 350% increase compared to 2018.

Courtesy Washington Post

So, when another car owner in the city's Southeast district was faced with a gun-wielding carjacker recently, it wasn't entirely unexpected. However, it was indeed surprising to learn that the car owner was armed. The incident took place around 6:30 am on the 2300 block of R Street, as reported by

The car owner was near his vehicle when two suspects in a car confronted him. One of the culprits drew a gun, demanding the owner surrender his vehicle. The car owner then pulled out his firearm and shot at the suspect, 27-year-old Marcus Thompson, causing him injury.

Thompson's accomplice fled the scene, leaving the car owner to administer first aid to the injured carjacker until the police arrived. Thompson was arrested and charged with multiple offenses, including armed carjacking. The victim had a valid concealed carry permit in the District and his firearm was properly registered.

Ironically, the carjackers had picked an uncommon target – a resident who had successfully navigated the city's challenging process to legally carry a firearm.

Had the victim defended himself without proper permitting, he could have faced charges and a likely lengthy jail term, potentially even longer than the carjackers themselves.

The city seems determined to provide criminals like Thompson and his elusive accomplice a sense of security during their illicit activities, while the average D.C. resident remains legally unarmed. If more residents are able to defend themselves, as was the case here, criminals may begin to reconsider their actions.

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